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Greg C.

I thought my truck was totaled.  Ray and his team performed major surgery and now its back to like new condition.  Thank you!

Glen D.

Ray has done it again. My 1995 Porsche 911 looks better than new without a paint job. The attention to detail is second to none .So nice to work with people who appreciate you as a customer.

Max C.

My SLK never looked better!  So glad I decided to have you clean it up.  After 20+ years its running great and looks amazing!  So proud to be driving this car again.

Cathy F.

Ray and Nicole are the most helpful, kind and good natured people that I have brought my car to. As a woman who does not know anything about mechanics, I have never had a doubt in my mind that Twin County Collision would ever trick me into unnecessary/extra work. They always fit me into their busy schedule, and while I wait for the work to be completed I am always surrounded by kind welcoming people! Truly my favorite mechanic! If I ever have to move, I would still travel the distance to give Twin County Collision my business.

Frances C

WOW!  Honest, reliable, I won't take my Jeep anywhere else!  Thank you for taking care of me!

Betsy H.

My car came back from twin country in better condition than when They got it
Yes they fixed the damaged from the accident perfectly then brought me they car since I was at work and my car was spotless.It even smelled fresh and clean
I’ve never felt so pampered so special
Thank you Ray you did an amazing job
My car is wonderful, twin country is the best auto repair shop in Putnam county
If anyone wants to ask me anything just text ME and I’ll tell you about this repair shop- honestly

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